4.跪求一篇关于预防地震和地震带来的危害的英语作文 、情况紧急 好心人救救命了、




       Earthquake disaster is one of the natural disasters that cause the most serious economic losses and casualties in the world.?

       We should strengthen the study of earthquake science knowledge and correctly master the methods of shock absorption, self rescue and mutual rescue.

       We should listen to the earthquake warning and learn to look at the omens before the earthquake, such as the abnormal flying, fleeing and barking of animals. We can also prevent the occurrence of disasters in case of early reporting and evacuation.

       When an earthquake occurs, the indoor triangular space formed after the collapse of houses is often a relatively safe place for people to survive. Especially for people in buildings, choose places with small space such as kitchens and bathrooms, as well as spaces and corners that are not easy to collapse.

       Tables, beds and other solid furniture spaces can be cushioned. Protect your head with cushions in time. Don't jump from a building blindly or use an elevator. We must use scientific methods to protect ourselves and our homes and jointly prevent disasters.

       Today is the day of school earthquake drill. All teachers and students participated in it. The teacher has explained the specific situation to each of our classmates again and again. The teacher's hurried cry came from the broadcast of "earthquake is coming".

       We quickly put our schoolbags on our heads and "whooshed" out. Each student didn't want to fall behind and ran crazy to the playground, while the teacher kept order and evacuated the students in an orderly way. All teachers and students of the school evacuate at the specified time. We must learn to save ourselves.

       We also need to read more books on earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.

       Tell everyone around you the knowledge of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, so that these knowledge can be spread ten or ten to a hundred, so that everyone knows how to protect themselves and reduce the disasters brought by the earthquake when the earthquake comes.

       Let this knowledge accompany each of us and make each of us have the consciousness of earthquake prevention.









       地震是世界上最严重的自然灾害之一,那么,发生地震时如何逃生?下面一起和我看看地震逃生的 英语 作文 吧。


        The earthquake is very dangerous,so I think everyone should know the escape way.First,you should open the door but you should not run out,it is very dangerous.Next when you find the furnitures are shake you should hide under the firmness furniture for about one minute.Then when you find the earthquake you should close the fire at once.Finally,you should protect you head and keep out of the firmness things.It is very import to konw this things,you must remember.



        Take Action For Earthquake Survival

        Some earthquakes start with a foreshock, which is a little warning before the big one hits. People sleeping may not notice this while others might be awakened by rattling of a door.

        Earthquake survival depends on doing some specific things. It is best to stay in bed unless a heavy light fixture is hanging from the ceiling. Hold on and protect the head with a pillow. In other cases, drop to the ground and get under cover. Find a table or other piece of furniture and hang on until the shaking stops.





        How to Escape form an Earthquake

        I m very lucky that I survived the bad earthquake on May 12 in Wenchuan,but I feel very sad that many of us have been wounded .In order to help other people escape from an earthquake,I d like to tell you something about it.

        Before earthquake happens,hens fly here and there and dogs bark without any reasons.At the same time,you will find frogs and snakes come out of their holes.

        When earthquake happens ,you will find the houses as well as the trees outside are waving for side to side and you will also find you can t stand steadily.So you must come out of you house as quickly as you can and go to the flat floor,but don t stand under the trees or beside any buildings.They any fall and kill you at moment.





       有关地震的 英语 作文篇1:地震献 爱 心everyone has some unforgettable experiences.

        last monday, there was a serious earthquake in sichuan province. many people were killed. a large number of houses collapsed. i was shocked. when i see theses pictures on tv, my eyes were filled with tears. i wanted to do something for people in the disaster areas.

        two days later, in front of the library of our school, almost all of the teachers and students came to donate money. i was moved. i thought although i couldn’t go to sichuan like the soldiers and the doctors, i still wanted to try my best to help them. i took out all my pocket money and threw it into the donation box.

        i hope they can rebuild their homeland early. it will be an unforgettable experience in my life. it makes me experience that if everyone makes a contribution for our country, we can overcome any difficulties.


        At 14:28 on May 12, a magnitude 8 earthquake happened in wenchuan county, sichuan province in China. When I saw on television the news, my heart a tight, an acid strength pours into my nose. This is, so many tragic scene in my mind.

        I don't want to hear after the earthquake struck, heartless, ruthless earthquake claimed many lives.

        I daydream, if I were an angel, I will ask them to gain life. If I am not quick not slow time, I will turn back the hands of time, before the disaster, ask you to leave the land of the disaster. For example, I am a sudden earthquake again; The sunshine when I see the happiness, happy family, I will not have the heart to killing hands to them.

        I like how the earth! But he was took so much of your precious life. Earthquake is a natural disaster, we should take action to defense.

        We have to save lives, bring benefits to human beings.

        Sichuan friends, let's go hand in hand with love.



        我遐想着:假如我是天使,我一定会让他们重新获得生命。如果我是不快不慢的时间,我一定会让时间倒流,在灾难来临之前,叫大家离开灾难之地。又比如我是突如其来的地震;当我看见 幸福 ,快乐的阳光家庭,我决不忍心向他们伸出夺命的双手。





        If you have received possibly have the earthquake warning, continuesto maintain listens to the local broadcasting station newest reportand the suggestion, like the suggestion switches off the liquid gas,the power source. Greatly but the heavy object from high will put onto take away. The jar, the glass, the chinaware and other brittlethings admit in the low cabinet, the baggage shelf should have keepsoff the hand by to prevent the object whereabouts. The cabinet gateshould shut tightly, moves away to be hanging the object. Belowprepares the goods by to prepare urgently needs: Fresh fresh water andemergency food, flashlight, fire extinguisher. Is far away thesepossibly to fall is pounding your thing, possibly can eradicate inoutdoors trees, in the small town construction even if enough issturdy cannot destroy, the chippings also possibly fall. Runs awayspacious to place most ideal, but if does not have the enough time,stays is possibly safer in the room, on the avenue speech, the gaspiping or the electric wire which bursts can increase the risk. Passesin and out the human is most dangerous, extremely easily is wounded bythe building in bricks and stones.

        In room: When the earthquake occurs, if in the indoors, stays ininside, extinguishes the fire, is far away the glass is specially thebig window (including mirror and so on). In the room quoin or has thegood strut internal way is good seeking asylum place. Perhaps the lowground or the basement can provide the best survival opportunity.Hides in under the table bottom or other firm furniture, this not onlycan provide the protection to you, moreover also has the big breathspace. When store, is far away the big cargo exhibition hall, thesecargos possibly can drop down. Also is loaded with the elevator in themultilayered building in the office, in-situ hides in the desk bottom.Do not enter the elevator, the staircase also possibly can crowd thepanic-stricken people.www.126fw.com

        Che Zhong: As far as possible quickly and safely stops - but stays inthe vehicle may avoid hit by the whereabouts object. Crouches inhiding under the seat, if has the thing to fall on the vehicle, youwill be able to obtain the protection. When vibrates stops down, theattention observation obstacle and possibly appears danger: Destroyedthe electric cable, damages the path and collapses bridge.Outdoors: When outdoors lie in the ground, do not have to run. Thiscan throw down, also possibly is embezzled by the crack. Is far awaythe big construction. Toward underground walk or do not enter thegallery, this can cause to be stranded. Like you already prepared tothe outdoors, did not return to in the building. The earthquake causesany construction not too to be all reliable for the first time, ifthen again occurs slightly shakes, the building can cave in. Is saferto the summit. In the pitch earth stone is easy to fall, if crushes bythe number thousand ton heavy soil block or the rock (they to havefearful speed), very little has the opportunity which fortunatelysurvives. Rolls equally on the place like the ball changes thesurvival.


        谢谢阿姨,你快出去吧,这里危险 救援队的新“战场”是德阳市东汽中学。当地同志介绍,由于地震发生时学校正在上课,大约有二百学生被埋在废墟中,可以肯定的是,还有不少存活者。









       有关地震的作文篇5: 小学 生二年级地震作文


        同往常一样,我急急忙忙从从家里赶到学校上学,2点25分,学校大们开了, 同学 们象潮水一样涌进学校。我刚坐下,房子开始摇晃了,我抬头一看,电风扇和灯也在剧烈的摇晃,“糟糕,房子快要倒了!”我连忙跑出教室,可是下去的楼梯口不停的掉砖块,不能下楼了,我们赶紧从另外一条路冲了下去,非常幸运,因为我跑出去的时候,背后一块砖头掉了下来,幸好我跑得快,没被砖头砸中,等我跑到操场上时,才知道原来是地震了。





        xx 雨 中看望废墟下待救学生,流下眼泪。



        xxx心情十分沉重,再三叮嘱抢救人员务必尽最大努力,争取更多时间,抢救出更多孩子。 他说,房子裂了、塌了,我们还可以再修。只要人在,我们就一定能够渡过难关,战胜这场重大自然灾害。


        一块水泥板倒下来,压在崇州市漩口中学初三学生向孝廉身上。“我心想完了,就 什么 也不知道了。”这位13岁的小姑娘对记者说,醒来后,她从缝隙里看到外面有亮光,接着再次昏迷。一个声音唤醒了她,那是同学马健的声音。“我哭着对他说,马健你别走,等我死了再走吧。马健说,我不会走的,你是班上年纪最小的,也是生命力最旺盛的,这点困难难不倒你。”





跪求一篇关于预防地震和地震带来的危害的英语作文 、情况紧急 好心人救救命了、

       The sichuan earthquake let us once again feel "security" is so important that we must be alert, study the defense measures, the earthquake is we note: The first point is worth noting strong earthquake occurs, the crack in the home can temporarily hide a solid furniture such as bed, table below, or kitchen, toilet, etc. Should leave quickly outdoor, after being evacuated to protect the head, soft pillow usable will protect the head. Live in the high-rise buildings in the person cannot use the elevator, also don't run to the balcony, particularly can't jump. Second, is class of students and kindergarten children should be hiding in the desk and small under the bed. Listen to the teacher, don't run away. In public places of entertainment, people should adjust measures to local conditions, avoid to table, chair, protect the head on both sides of the counter together, not to the exit. Third, passengers should seize the seat or car, don't rush to get strong components. Running vehicles for emergency parking, trying to stop in the open places.Fourth, if is across the bridge, will hold QiaoLanGan main-earthquake, close to the shore immediately after the transfer. Finally, in the streets of personnel in the narrow tunnel not stay, don't hide into wires, chimney and tall buildings.

        If the earthquake coming again, I think we no longer fear and panic, If the earthquake coming again, I think we have to learn how to take care of yourself. 震惊世界的四川大地震让我们再一次感受到了“安全”是如此的重要, 我们必须提高警觉,学习地震的防卫措施,一下几点是我们值得注意的:  第一点值得注意的是强裂地震发生时,在家中的人可暂躲较坚实的家具如床、桌下面、或厨房、卫生间等处。震后应迅速撤离户外,撤离时要注意保护头部,可用枕头等软物将头部护住。住在高层建筑里的人不能使用电梯,也不要跑到阳台上,尤其是不能跳楼。

        第二,正在上课的学生和幼儿园的小朋友应躲在课桌和小床下。要听从老师的安排,不要乱跑。在公共**场所的人们应因地制宜躲避到椅子下,桌子、柜台两侧,保护好头部,切不可一齐拥向出口。 第三,车上的乘客要抓住座椅或车上的牢固部件,不要急于下车。正在运行的车辆因紧急停车,设法停在开阔处。 第四,如果正在过桥,则要紧紧抓住桥栏杆,主震后立即向靠近的岸边转移。








       1。Shaking and ground rupture

       Shaking and ground rupture are the main effects created by earthquakes, principally resulting in more or less severe damage to buildings and other rigid structures

       2。Landslides and avalanches

       Earthquakes, along with severe storms, volcanic activity, coastal wave attack, and wildfires, can produce slope instability leading to landslides, a major geological hazard. Landslide danger may persist while emergency personnel are attempting rescue


       Earthquakes can cause fires by damaging electrical power or gas lines. In the event of water mains rupturing and a loss of pressure, it may also become difficult to stop the spread of a fire once it has started


       Large waves produced by an earthquake or a submarine landslide can overrun nearby coastal areas in a matter of minutes. Tsunamis can also travel thousands of kilometers across open ocean and wreak destruction on far shores hours after the earthquake that generated them


       Today, there are ways to protect and prepare possible sites of earthquakes from severe damage, through the following processes: earthquake engineering, earthquake preparedness, household seismic safety, seismic retrofit (including special fasteners, materials, and techniques), seismic hazard, mitigation of seismic motion, and earthquake prediction. Seismic retrofitting is the modification of existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity, ground motion, or soil failure due to earthquakes. With better understanding of seismic demand on structures and with our recent experiences with large earthquakes near urban centers, the need of seismic retrofitting is well acknowledged


       英文写作翻译频道为大家整理的雅安地震英语作文范文:地震灾害逃生演练,供大家参考:) 每一天都会有不同的事情发生,发生的事情中会有开心的,也会危害到我们生命的,雅安地震的事情牵动着我们每一个人的心,学校为预防地震,让学生懂得在地震中如何进行逃生,我们学校组织了群体性地震灾害逃生演练。

        Each day will have different things to happen, happen there will be happy, will be harmful to our life, Ya'an earthquake that affects each of our hearts, the school for the prevention of earthquake, let the students know how to survive in the earthquake, our school organized a group of earthquake disaster drills.


        At two thirty, the classroom broadcast rang, principals in the radio said: "if an earthquake happens, just keep quiet......" , the words just say that finish, the teacher called the students quickly hid under the table, we followed immediately bent over, hid herself in the table, just like only the frightened rabbit.


        After a while, only to hear the teacher asked to leave the classroom, students quickly from the table drill out, ran to the hall and immediately row tidy team, under the direction of the teacher, two two to the playground. In the running process, we fall over each other, as if in the earthquake, when I went to the two floor, suddenly found in front of students crowded into a mass, you push me, I push you, more and more people, more and more chaos, some students shouted: "you get out of my way!" , some said: "what makes you go first?" I clip, in which also desperately squeeze.


        Extrusion corridor, my legs up and rushed to the playground. At this time, the radio said: "today we are doing a good job training......."


        I think through the drill, if after the earthquake, I wouldn't have to worry.